Spectrum Marine and Ship Management Inc. started its humble beginnings in July 2016 at 2053 Building, Edison Street, San Isidro, Makati City, at an office space formerly occupied by its predecessor, Strahlmann Shipping Services Phils., Inc. The Company was originally incorporated at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2008 under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines under its predecessor’s name.

Spectrum Marine was founded by its new officers and incorporators, with a vision to become one of the best and fastest growing shipping companies in the Philippine market, bringing with them the core values learned from their former employers.

Located on a prime business location near Makati Central Business District (MCBD), the Company boosts its credentials as a POEA Accredited Crew Management Agency and a MARINA-registered shipping enterprise, approved to conduct technical and crew management operations for Philippine Domestic Shipping.

Spectrum Marine employs a select and experienced team of Crew Managers and Marine/Technical Superintendents committed to provide the highest levels of customer service to our ever discriminating clients. We provide shipping services to our customers through crew management and technical management services, dry dock management services and an array of Marine Services.

The Company operates under the new normal, Covid-19 resilient office space and procedures, able to operate on remote locations should the government mandate immediate lockdown procedures, thus, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted service for our Principals. With a full time operating staff of 20, we are more than ready to respond to your various shipping needs anytime.

Mission and Vision

Our primary MISSION is to become one of the catalysts of the Philippine shipping industry, an innovator, a contributor and a leader in various SPECTRUM of the shipping industry.

Our VISION to become a one-stop multi-faceted shipping service provider starts with our determination to provide a customer-focused, seamless cost-effective and efficient service to our Principals.

Shipping operations of the 21st Century have become complex and time-sensitive matters. But, despite the innovations in infrastructure, applications and computerizations, one constant requirement remains…MANPOWER. Owners, principals, operators and managers still need the most qualified, medically-fit, best trained and competent officers and crew to operate their sophisticated cargo and tanker vessels.

In addition, our clients also need the expertise of efficient technical and marine operators, who can manage the day to day technical and commercial operations of ships, while ensuring the efficient handling of operating costs, safety of the crew on board, victualing and vessel maintenance.

Our MISSION and VISION are best expressed in the core values that we translate into actions and decisions, implemented in our day to day crewing and technical operations.

Senior Management

    President and CEO
    General Manager
    Designated Person (DPA), Company Security Officer (CSO)
    QMR, HR and Admin Manager
    Crewing Manager
    Accounts Manager


  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • POEA License
  • BV ISO 9001 2015 SMSMI Certification
  • MARINA Domestic Shipping Business
  • MARINA Crewing and Ship Management
  • MARINA Document of Compliance for Molasses Carrier
  • MARINA Interim Document of Compliance for Oil Tankers
  • DOLE 174